• Why should I choose Eklipse Productions over the other DJ services offered?

At Eklipse Productions, we approach events differently from a typical “cookie cutter” DJ company. We see each and every event as a once in a lifetime celebration and if you’re not happy, we’re not happy. Not only do we offer world class DJing/MCing services, but we also offer exclusive lighting design and enhancement options.  We use over twenty years of professional entertainment experience to ensure your event not only is a success, but it exceeds your expectations.

Eklipse Productions is a full time DJing and entertainment company. This allows us to put more time and effort into each event as opposed to a hobbyist or weekend DJ who might not have the skills, experience, or time necessary to make the event successful.

  • What types of music can you play and do you take requests?

We are an open format DJ company, which means we can play any style of music that the event requires. We own over 50,000 constantly updating and legally downloaded songs ranging from the 50s to todays current hits. And yes, we do take requests!

  • Why should I choose a mobile DJ over just plugging in an Ipod or music player?

A seasoned mobile DJ entertainer not only plays music, but mixes it, interacts with guests, injects personality into the celebration and ensures that the party is seamless with no uncomfortable dead air. If you use a music player there will be awkward silences in between songs that will make people stop dancing and want to leave the event which is why having a DJ is so critical to the success of an event.

  • Who will be the DJ at my event?

Our roster of DJs include the owner of Eklipse Productions, Charlie Tornquist (DJ Eklipse), as well as two more of Minnesota’s top DJs, Ivan Avalos, and Gavin Boss.  Once the contract is signed and the deposit is made for your date we will never book your DJ for a different event.

  • What happens if there is an equipment malfunction?

Our motto is to have a backup for our backups.   We know technology can malfunction which is why we bring backup laptops, microphones, and mixers to each event.

  • What are your prices?

No two events are the same, which is why the prices vary for each event. We offer a selection of pricing options to suit the need of the customer and the event. Please contact us today to set up a free consultation with a no obligation quote.

  • Where will you DJ?

We DJ anywhere in the Twin Cities and surrounding areas. Gas mileage is added for events over 1 hour from Minneapolis.

  • Do you have a DJ contract?

Yes! We have a DJ contract with all the information for the gig. This helps make sure everything is clear and that there are no surprises at the event.

  • When do you set up?

It depends on the DJ package, but we always arrive at least 1-3 hours to allow plenty of time to set up.

  • What will you be wearing to the event?

We dress appropriately for the event. That means if it is a formal event like a wedding we will be wearing a suit with a dress shirt and tie.

  • Wow! Sounds like you are the DJ company for me! How do I book?

For bookings please visit the contact page. Dates fill up fast so book early!